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Seductive eyes, they are the windows to ones soul.

Just one thing that makes me horny I can not say…

Every woman is different, and each possesses a special thing or things about her that is uniquely her's alone.

It could be her smile, a dimple on her cheek, nicely manicured hands and feet, the small of her arched back, a high arch to her feet, sensual mouth, the tone of her voice, the way she moves, the way she dresses, the way she flirts, many things …

But most important is the honesty of her personality ... if you watch long enough this will show in how she acts and treats the people in her room.

Being ‘sexy’ is more than just rubbing and shaking body parts to make tokens.

To make me horny a woman does not need to be a 'super model' she just needs to be real, true to herself, and have that 'special' something that can't be explained with words.

Horny is a state of mind, without the real human touch of web-cam sex, this is a total mind game… let the games begin

My top girls are :

toy-girl , ZugarBaBy , Modest_Devil , ZaMurZaychick , _Mary_ , Single-Lady , AllisonWon , and BustyViolette

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Sex? – nothing except for poor hygiene.

Rude, manipulative, and arrogant women who do NOT do what they say.

Women who are motivated by greed.

Some women ‘ban’ for no good reason, they should say why they ‘ban’ first before they do this? This is RUDE.

I would NEVER say or do anything to up-set anyone purposely, I expect the same in return.
Sometimes misunderstands will happen, usually because of bad communication (or language translation) - not because of real intentions to offend.

I always tell the truth even if it hurts sometimes to do this.

I always do what I say.

Your word is your integrity, integrity is like virginity, it can be protected but once lost, you can never get it back again and it is lost FOREVER!

Everyone wants to be treated with trust and respect.
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